Fabulous Friday

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! What a faith-filled week! We had so much fun learning more about Jesus with your children and cannot wait to do it again next year!!!
God shows us His love and care in ways we don’t expect. His plans aren’t what we would plan! This week we discovered that God is mighty. He can knock down the troubles in our lives. Best of all, He gives us the victory over our enemies through Jesus. We found out that we don’t need to fear! God is our refuge and strength. We can always turn to Him for help. We heard about God’s true and powerful Word and how God works through it to give us faith and power to serve in His kingdom. We learned about Jesus, who rode into Jerusalem to save us from our sins. We praise Him for winning the victory over sin, death, and the devil for us!
In our last lesson, we learned Jesus is our Savior King. On our own, we would remain in our sins. Bus Jesus laid down His life and rose again to save us. Now, as King, Jesus rules with His almighty power over all creation. He governs and protects His Church on earth, and He will bring all believers to glory in heaven where they “will receive the crown of life” (James 1:12).
In our final opening assembly the members of the Mighty Fortress celebrated with a party after defeating their enemies. In the end, it was decided that Chester the Jester would be forgiven. Just like in real life, we have to make decisions that can be difficult at times, especially forgiving someone who wronged us- ask your child what they would have done in this situation.
Games closed out the week with an obstacle course and beach ball challenge. Ask your child what activity they enjoyed the most at games this week- they had so many awesome choices!
What did you think of your child’s crown that they made during craft time? This was selected for today because we learned more about Jesus, our Savior King! Here is a fun fact- in Medieval times it was common for royalty to wear crowns that weighed around 5 lbs. each.
In traditional fashion we closed out our week of delicious snacks with a tasty, cold treat. Ask you child if they enjoyed their vanilla ice cream- they sure looked like they did!
Wow! Did your children enjoy music this year or what? I had chills during closing assembly. There is something so powerful about listening to a group of children praise the Lord. If you were not able to join us check out their version of “Victory’s Won” online along with pictures from our final day at the Mighty Fortress- https://assumptionvbs.com/
I just want to pass along a HUGE thank you for participating in Penny’s Pantry. St. Vincent de Paul was so excited to have their shelves filled with over 450 items that our VBS family collected through the week. Our mission was a success, and it’s great to think about how many families we will help feed this summer. Thank you again for a job well done!
Please remember that during the opening announcements at all masses this weekend we have been invited to sing/dance to “Victory’s Won.” Children and CITs are welcome to go up on the stairs when announced. Remember to wear your VBS shirt and have some fun showing our parish family what we learned this week!
I would like to express my gratitude to the adult leaders and CITs (youth volunteers) who helped make this week so much fun. You guys ROCK! And also a thank you to the families for choosing to send your children to Assumption’s Vacation Bible School week. We hope you have a blessed summer and that we see everyone back again in 2018!

Thrilling Thursday

There are many instances during VBS week that make me feel humbled- the children may ask questions that show they have amazing insight, I might see a CIT do something above and beyond their typical ‘job’ to help out a kiddo (something that you know means so much to the child they are helping), or an adult leader who explains the daily topic so well that the kids have that “ah-ha” moment. Each day my heart is full of the joy they bring to myself, and I think the adult leaders would agree, we are so blessed to work with our VBS family!

In this lesson, people called out, “Hosanna! Lord, save us!” when they saw Jesus. They wanted Him to use His power and might to save them from enemy rule under the Romans.

But Jesus didn’t come to Jerusalem the way people expected the King of kings to come. Instead, He came humbly, riding on a donkey. Nor did Jesus come to save them by using the sword the way His ancestor King David had. Instead, Jesus came to bring victory by overcoming sin, death, and the devil through His sacrificial death on the cross and His victorious resurrection.

Like the crowd who welcomed Jesus, we praise Jesus on Sunday but forget about Him during the week. We think He should give us what we want, then doubt His love when things don’t go as we hoped. We reject Him by our words and actions. We sin. On our own, we are lost. But Jesus came to save us! He rode into Jerusalem so He could die on the cross for our sins and rose again. Through Him, we have forgiveness, life, and salvation.

Today at opening skits we learned that the Mighty Fortress survived their attack from the enemy troops. When Chester the Jester was venting about how his plan failed the Queen, the Princess, and Sir Knight heard him confess to the different things he did to sabotage the Mighty Fortress. Ask your child what happened when the Princess heard that her dress was ruined by Chester.

At games the children were challenged to build a fortress/castle out of marshmallows, pretzels, and toothpicks. Have them tell you who was declared the winner from their group.

In crafts your child built their very own stained-glass cross. These all looked amazing! The patterns were so colorful, I’m sure they will find a special spot in a window at home to catch the light. I’ve already got my two kiddos’ on display at home!

The children enjoyed some of the tasty, fresh delights that God gives us at snack- apples, bananas, and grapes. Ask your child how they were cleverly plated for them (in the shape of a palm tree!)

Music had us learning “We’re Gonna Praise the Name of Jesus!” Our classes are really excited to show you everything they’ve learned all week, so please join us in the church at 11:30 am on Friday if you can, it’s sure to put a smile on your face.

Wacky Wednesday

When King Josiah heard God’s Word read, he learned what God expected and saw how he and God’s people had fallen away from God’s will and ways. The Word revealed their sin, and Josiah was very sorry. He tore his clothes in repentance and promised to follow God. Through Huldah the prophetess, God spoke His Word of comfort and forgiveness to Josiah.
God’s true and powerful Word shows us our sin too: we don’t do what God says to do. We don’t fear, love, and trust in God above all things. We don’t truly love our neighbor. God’s Word also shows us our Savior, Jesus, through whom we are forgiven.
God’s true Word has the power to change our lives. Through His Word, God gives us faith and renews our whole life. As His children, we want to serve our neighbor through our various vocations and give God glory.
We opened today to some unexpected unknowns occurring at skits. Why did Chester the Jester intentionally set the fire in the weapons room? and what will happen to the Mighty Fortress when the impending army attacks if they don’t have a way to defend themselves?
Games helped the kiddos beat the heat with a little extra fun today- did your kiddos get soaked during their “Mighty Fortress water balloon attack?” Ask them to tell you what other activities they tried while out at the pavilion too.
The creative spark shone brightly once again in crafts today. We had some really unique shields get designed, no two were alike. Plus when the rain began at dismissal time those shields were coming in handy as make-shift umbrellas too!
Your children enjoyed a scroll at snack time (fruit roll ups and pretzels). Ask them what theirs said – the imagination goes a long way here – I had many proclamations read to me today!
In music the children learned the words and moves to “Winners.” Ask them to put on a show before bedtime tonight, you’ll be sure to love it! We will have each classroom show off a song during our closing assembly on Friday, so please plan on joining us in church at 11:30 and bring your cameras!

Terrific Tuesday

Another day of Vacation Bible School in the books!
In “God Delivers King Hezekiah’s Kingdom,” our mighty God plans another amazing victory for His people. King Hezekiah trusted in God and obeyed Him. But when the enemy king of Assyria threatened to destroy Hezekiah’s kingdom, Hezekiah was afraid. What did Hezekiah do? He asked God for help! Through His prophet Isaiah, God told Hezekiah, “Do not be afraid.” That night, God answered Hezekiah’s prayer for help by sending His angel to destroy Hezekiah’s enemies.
We are under attack by the devil, sin, and the brokenness of the world we live in. They make us afraid too. But like Hezekiah, we can turn to God. He is our refuge and strength. We can rely on Him for help. He sent Jesus to defeat our biggest enemies: sin, death, and the devil. He strengthens us in faith through His Word and the sacraments. He hears our prayers and will defend us against all danger and guards and protects us from all evil.
Opening assembly had an army approaching the castle, leaving the Queen wondering what should be done. Do you think she turned to God for help like Hezekiah? Ask your children what Chester the Jester and Vanessa the Princess were heading out to find a new version of before the impending attack- I wonder if they were successful?
At games your children played a variety of fun games including attacking castle cup towers with water guns, frisbee, bean bag toss, and much more. What did your kiddo enjoy trying the most?
Today’s crafts involved stringing lots of beads- some of our younger classes made a neat shield necklace while our older classes made a cool glow in the dark cross key chain. We saw some really colorful patterns being put together, it’s always fun to see the various creative minds at work.
The kiddos enjoyed cups full of dirt today at snacks. Chocolate pudding, crushed cookies, and a strawberry on top, what a great treat! They got a real kick out of me telling them they shouldn’t eat dirt on purpose- it couldn’t be any good for them, but they proved me wrong and licked their spoons clean!
Music practiced our theme song again, and added “Thanks be to God” to today’s mix. They had an opportunity to show off their skills at closing assembly today, and once again I was impressed with the children’s ability to pick up the dance moves so quickly. Feel free to join us any day for closing assembly before pickup- we start at 11:35 in church.

Amazing Monday

The kids, our youth helpers(CITs), and the adult leaders agree- VBS was the place to be today! It was amazing!
Your kiddos learned about how God’s is our Mighty Fortress! In “God’s Might Tumbles Jericho’s Walls,” God delivered His victory in an unexpected way! God’s people came into the Promised Land and to the city of Jericho. The wall around Jericho looked big and intimidating to God’s people. God, our Mighty Fortress, told the people to march around the city wall, have the priests blow trumpets, and then everyone should shout! The people followed God’s direction, and God brought down the wall. That is how our mighty God won the victory for His people over their enemies.
We face enemy challenges too. We have fears and troubles. We are tempted. We sin. On our own, we cannot knock down these big and intimidating enemies.
God is mighty. His plans can be unexpected. Only God would have planned it this way! He sent His only Son, Jesus, to fight the battle and win the victory against our biggest enemies: sin, death, and the devil. God promises to be with us and fight for us now too. He has the power to knock the fears out of our lives, giving us His victory, forgiveness, strength, and love.
Ask your child about the sneaky Jester they met today at opening assembly. Plus, what did they think about that princess?!?
At games your children stayed cool by participating in a water relay. They practiced filling their hearts with love (water)- they soaked up their “love” via sponge, and raced to release their love to others. The laughter was contagious out there!
The kiddos put together some very colorful creations down at crafts- it’s safe to say the sand art was a big hit! Hopefully they found a fun place to show off their crosses, shields, or swords at home.
Snack time was in honor of Jericho’s walls coming tumbling down- your children sampled the trumpets (Bugles) used to help bring down the wall in their themed trail mix. Ask them what their favorite item was in their baggie of delicious snacks.
At music the children moved and grooved to this week’s theme song- Victory’s Won (track 1 on your family’s cd.) It has lots of fast paced moves, and the kids were excited to try it out at closing assembly in church. I was impressed by how well they already knew it, singing along to the words of the song and getting all the movements down on day one!

Welcome to VBS

Dear Vacation Bible School Parents,

We are looking forward to a week of medieval fun with your children during Assumption’s Vacation Bible School. Our goal for the week is to explore the meaning behind verse 1 Corinthians 15:57 and let the kids discover that God is our Mighty Fortress, our Shield, and our Deliverer. In Jesus, the Victory is Won!

Included with this packet you will find:

  • Your child’s VBS t-shirt. We ask that it be worn each day of Vacation Bible School.
  • One participant family CD and DVD. These include all the songs and daily themes for your family to learn during VBS week and enjoy for years to come!
  • Your child’s classroom number. This is located on the label attached to the outside of the packet.

VBS begins on Monday, June 12th and runs through Friday, June 16th. Parking for drop off and pick up will be in Lot A, north of the church, or Lot D, south of the school. No vehicles will be allowed on the center school parking lot (Lot B) during VBS. Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st grade will be in our Early Childhood Center building. Grades 2 through 5 are located in the middle school building. Weather permitting children will be outside during games time, so please be sure to send them in shoes that are safe to run and play in.

Children may begin arriving at 8:45 am. For safety reasons, we ask that you accompany your child to his/her classroom, and sign him/her in daily. Please plan to have ALL of your children in their classrooms by 8:55 am so that teachers may get their class to our opening ceremony on time at 9 am. Please feel free to join us each day at our closing assembly in church, we begin at 11:35 am. Following the closing assembly, the children will return to their classrooms where you may pick them up. Be sure to sign them out in their classrooms and take their daily projects home as you leave. Daily dismissal will be about 12:00-12:15 pm.

If your child has a medical issue that could require use of emergency medications (ex. Benadryl, Epi-pen, Albuterol Inhaler, etc.), please bring their action plan and medication to their assigned teacher/leader who will carry it around campus throughout the week. Be sure to review the action plan with the leader on Monday during morning drop off.

To teach our children to give to those in need please consider participating in our week’s mission focus of stocking the shelves at our St. Vincent de Paul Society. Our goal is to help our children discover ways that Jesus brings us together- and one way is during meal time. Invite your child to share with you what their favorite meal is, and then allow them to help you shop for canned goods and nonperishable food items to provide some of their favorites to someone in need. This year we will be collecting in honor of a dear friend to our VBS family who earned her angel wings only a few weeks ago- Mrs. Penny Smith. Penny was the artist behind the painted shirts from VBS years past, and a teacher in the VBS program since it was launched at Assumption. Let’s do our best to fill “Penny’s Pantry!” All items brought in this week will be collected at Opening Assembly so that every morning the children will see how things are progressing when they walk by Penny’s Pantry. They will have an opportunity to pray for those who will benefit from our efforts, and honor the memory of Penny by bringing in one or more of their favorite items to fulfill our week’s mission.

We are continuing to offer our FUN DAYS! Children are invited to participate in the following beginning on Tuesday:

  • Monday – “regular” – wear your VBS shirt and take time to meet new friends.
  • Tuesday – Mighty Fortress Theme Day – in addition to your VBS shirt wear some accessories that make you feel like a knight, nobleman or woman, town crier, king, or queen- polish off your favorite crown and cape, don some armor (we ask that you please leave your mace, jousting lance, and swords and at home), or grab a parchment scroll and bell to finish off your look. It is going to be classroom picture day so be creative!
  • Wednesday – Crazy Hair Day – try out a new, fun hairstyle along with your VBS shirt – maybe someone will attempt an old-fashioned, medieval braid?
  • Thursday – Crazy Socks Day – wear fun socks along with your shirt to VBS! Short ones, tall ones, multi-colored, or mismatched!
  • Friday – Crazy Hat Day – whether it be huge, flat, or feathered please find a hat to wear around campus along with your VBS shirt to help celebrate our final day together. Time to dust off the old tricorne hat!

Watch for a daily recap email which will be sent out to all participant families. This will include a parent bible study as well as any reminders. This will be an excellent way to spark a discussion with your child about what they learned that day and allow you to continue reinforcing the lesson outside of the classroom.

Finally, all VBS participants have been asked to sing and dance to one of our songs during all the Masses on the weekend of June 17th/18th. This is an honor, and we ask your participation. Try to arrive a few minutes early to mass and be ready to go in your pews, as this year we will do our song at the beginning of mass. Please plan to wear your VBS shirt to the mass you attend, and when announced during the introduction/welcome announcements, please come forward to sing and dance to our main theme song. Students and CITs are welcome to line up across the altar, and adult leaders can come up to the front to help guide them along. It will be so awesome to show the parish what we learned at VBS, so please plan to join us during the mass you attend that weekend!

Thank you for helping our team make VBS a fun and exciting week for the children! We are blessed to have the opportunity to spend a week sharing our faith with them.